Board Meeting 2007 07 07

General Information

Date and location

  • Saturday July 7th, 12:45 - 18:15
  • Paris, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Were present

  • Board members : Hartmut Pilch, Pieter Hintjens, Alberto Barrionuevo, Antonis Christofides, Georg Jakob, Alexandra Combes
  • FFII observers : René Mages, Erwan Hamon, Paris Chrysos, Christophe Roux, Jonas Maebe, Erlend Wolf, Benjamin Henrion


1 Opening of the meeting

It is decided that Pieter Hintjens will lead the meeting.

Hartmut Pilch will record the board decisions

2 Election of controller

Alexandra Combes will sign the minuts

3 Changes to the agenda

Items added in "Other issues"

4 Reports

  • Website Tender : We use either Toni Müller with Plone or Koen Martens with Drupal. Antonios will propose either of these in 2 weeks, we then vote on his proposal. Discussing tenders such as this one only within the board is not satisfactory. For future tenders we need a written policy on how to let more people participate. The board asks for proposals to be reviewed and decided in the next few weeks.
  • Mailing List Naming : Antonios and Pieter will work out a proposal on mailing list naming
  • Ordering of vice presidents : Vice presidents are ordered by seniority unless decided otherwise.
  • Accountant : FFII needs a professional accountant as an interface between the treasury and the tax authorities. We should search for an accountant by means of a tender. For the GA 2007 we may decide to quickly hire an accountant without waiting for a tender result.
  • Gauss : Antonios will talk to Jonas Bosson in order to move patent database project forward.
  • Computing workgroup(s) : Antonios will propose a cleanup of ict/www/sysadmin/polis workgroups
  • Media/Press : Jonas Maebe is asked to write a "press release policy", i.e. a document explaining how media work should be done, especially in cases where he is not available to do it.

5 No Ooxml

No board decision

6 FFII France

No board decision. The Board notes that Gerald Sedrati-Dinet has resigned and Alexandra Combes will replace him as President of FFII France.

7 Budget / workgroup revisions

No change in the budget.

Work group revision :

  • 'financ' is renamed to 'finance'.
  • Spurious workgroups listed on '', such as 'legal', 'tm', 'osi' and 'brussels', are removed
  • gauss' is not functioning as a workgroup, board majority seems to think it should be removed.
  • new workgroups: 'projman', 'core'
  • entrust vladek+… to represent and organise ffii in pl
  • entrust aptiko+… to represent and organise ffii in gr

8 Next GA

Probably 2007-10-26, connected to an Eupaco seminar of 2007-10-24..5

9 Later board meeting

Crete 2007-09-07..08

10 Other issues

No board decision.

11 Closing of the meeting


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