Tänka fritt är stort,
men tänka rätt är större

Penser librement est grand,
mais penser juste est plus grand encore.

- Thomas Thorild ( April 18, 1759 - October 1, 1808)

In principle no problem with continental electrical plugs ( terre = earth )
It is refered to as "Schuko" style and is used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.
So the following image may be useful for spanish or french people …


Goteborg Taxi = telephon number is (+31) 65 0000
100 SEK = 10.711 Euros

You can also download the tram map of Goteborg : http://trackmap.net/se/mapseg-t.pdf
and have a look at the probable weather conditions

Two useful maps
the first one if your landing airport is Göteborg City Airport ( GSE ); useful also for those arriving by train
the second one dedicated to Landveter airport (GOT)
green marker = Laura's Home in both cases = (North 57.699297 , East 11.97293)

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