Vocabulary List


Principal Translations/Principales traductions
commodity nm produit
commodity nf denrée (aliment, provision)
commodity (object) nmpl biens (articles de ménage)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
commodity exchange bourse de marchandises
rare commodity denrée rare

pace n (rate) débit vitesse nf
débit rythme nm

so-called ainsi nommé
so-called adj fameux (soi-disant)
so-called adj prétendu

prevent vtr (stop) empêcher vtr ⇒
éviter vtr ⇒
médecine, littéraire prévenir vtr ⇒

I'm afraid I do not fully understand your example.

if you can't say anything meaningful don't say anything at all

willingness nm empressement

make provision v prévoir ⇒
make provision for v prendre des dispositions pour

Is there any linuw kernel wizzard available list ?

wary adj défiant
wary (keen caution) adj prudent

judicious adj sensé
judicious (good sense, judgment) adj judicieux (bon sens, jugement)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
be judicious être judicieux

straitjacket nf camisole de force
straitjacket nf camisole (Psychologie - de force)
straitjacket nm carcan (pilori, cangue)
straitjacket nm carcan (pilori, cangue)

bait nm appât
bait nf amorce (appât )
bait nf esche (appât) rare
bait v appâter ⇒ (amorcer)

compromise nm compromis
compromise (agreement) nm accord
compromise (reach agreement) vi aboutir à un compromis
compromise (over sth) vi transiger ⇒ (sur qqch)

focus vi (to become focused) se concentrer vpr ⇒
Let's stop talking and focus for a moment.
Arrêtons de parler et concentrons-nous.

Does this mean we have to pay taxes on all our past revenue?

legacy n (lasting influence) contribution nf
figuré, littéraire héritage nm

unsustainable adj non renouvelable (pas renouvelable)
unsustainable adj non pérenne (ne dure pas)
unsustainable adj non viable (peu pas continuer)

overtake v gratter ⇒ (devancer)
overtake v doubler ⇒ (dépasser)
overtake (catch up) v rattraper ⇒
overtake (pass) v dépasser ⇒ (doubler- voiture)

The police questioned the suspect for five hours.

Are you conscious that inside FFII, your reputation is more of someone
who reacts aggressively against whoever questions your behavior than
someone who has any merit?

rationale n raisons (de faire)
rationale n logique (de quelque chose)
rationale n justification (en philosophie)

earmark (marque distinctive, exception, distinction, attribut) nf particularité (marque distinctive, exception, distinction, attribut)
earmark nm tatouage

acknowledgement (of something, someone) nf reconnaissance (de quelque chose de quelqu'un)

mesh nf maille
mesh nm grillage (matériaux)
mesh v mailler ⇒ (Pêche)
in mesh engrené
mesh bag filet à provisions

Sorry if I ask a question you have already answered, but do you mean
"cost based" ideas are flawed for legal reasons (the case law you
mention), or flawed for economic reasons?

flaw nm défaut
flaw (of character) nf faille (faiblesse)

She deserves a pay rise. She has worked really hard.
Elle mérite une augmentation de salaire pour tout le travail qu'elle a fait.

overwhelming adj bouleversant (déception, effet)
overwhelming (crushing) adj accablant (écrasant)
overwhelming (defeat, victory, majority) adj écrasant (preuve, majorité, victoire…)
overwhelming (dominant) adj prédominante
overwhelming (overpowering) adj envahissant (odeur)
overwhelming (powerful, irresistible) adj irrésistible

insane (mad) adj fou
insane (medicine) adj dément (fou)
insane (plan, idea) adj démentiel (irréalisable)

pointless adj fade (banal)
pointless adj intitule (vain)
pointless adj inutile (sans but)
pointless adj oiseux

defamatory whining = gemissements diffamatoires

forge (make something) v forger ⇒
forge (fake) v forger ⇒
forge (invent) v inventer ⇒

collapsing nm effondrement

forthcoming (upcoming) adj prochain
forthcoming (future, next) adj futur (d'un évènement)
forthcoming (at ease) adj avenant (affable, ouvert)
forthcoming (available) adj disponible

explode (by pressure) v exploser ⇒
explode (make explode) v exploser ⇒
explode (emotional reaction) v exploser ⇒

gas explosion explosion de gaz
information explosion explosion de l'information
population explosion nf poussée démographique
violent explosion nf déflagration familier

sue (demand) v poursuivre ⇒
sue for vtr solliciter ⇒

contract n (legal agreement) accord légal contrat nm

expenditure nf dépense (frais)
expenditure (expenditure) nfpl dépenses (frais)

bidding nf postulation
bidding nm offrant
bidding (authorative order) nm ordre (ordre autoritaire)
bidding (command) nm commandement

to a certain extent dans une certaine mesure

opt v choisir ⇒ (décider, opter)
opt v opter ⇒

convincing adj convaincant (d'un document, d'un orateur)
convincing adj persuasif

disclose (exhibit) vtr exhiber ⇒
disclose (show) vtr laisser voir ⇒

bid vtr (auction: make offer) enchères faire une offre vi ⇒
proposer vtr ⇒
He bid one hundred euros for the painting at the auction.

stub (remaining piece) nm bout (morceau restant)
stub (small piece) nm bout (petit morceau)
stub (unused part) nm bout (de crayon)

work out v négocier ⇒
work out v élaborer ⇒ (idée, etc.)

I'll investigate further and get back to you.
Je vais enquêter plus loin (or: plus avant) et vous dirai après.

skill n (expertise, ability) compétences nfpl
compétence habileté nf
Performing surgery requires special skill.

probe vtr sonder ⇒ (fouiller)
probe (space exploration) nf sonde (exploration spatiale)

nit-pick expr enculer les mouches figuré

assess vtr (evaluate) situation évaluer, jauger vtr ⇒ ⇒
candidat juger vtr ⇒

You never learn anything by doing it right. — unknown

You still don't understand. You either work or you resign.

bidding nf postulation
bidding nm offrant
bidding (authorative order) nm ordre (ordre autoritaire)
bidding (command) nm commandement

The voting list is now synced with this list.

almighty adj tout-puissant
almighty n pr Le Tout-puissant (Dieu)

undermine v infirmer ⇒
undermine v saper ⇒ (miner)
undermine v entamer ⇒ (ébranler)
undermine (weaken) v creuser ⇒ (miner, saper)

A computer that costs as much as a tank of gas

clue n (hint, evidence) police : preuve indice nm
indication piste nf
indication trace nf

No, I did not say that

The car was stuck in the mud.

  • J'étais coincé (or: bloqué) dans les embouteillages.

This speaks for itself, I think.

We must learn to handle activists always nicely and helpful, no matters how
frivolous they can be. If activities reports are the bones, and finances the
fresh, activists are the blood of our organisation.

voluntary adj volontaire
voluntary adj bénévole (aide conseil)
voluntary (délibéré, intentionnel) adj volontaire (délibéré, intentionnel)

scapegoat nm bouc émissaire
scapegoat nm souffre-douleur

fairness nf impartialité

murky (liquid) adj trouble (liquide)
murky (shaded) adj sombre

support vtr (weight: hold up) soutenir vtr ⇒
The pole supports the roof of the building.
La charpente soutient le toit du bâtiment.
support vtr (advocate, be in favour of) être favorable vi
He supported raising taxes.

swamp (geography) nm marécage
swamp (geography) nm marais

Why was this not done earlier?

This is what I have been arguing from day one (of 2008 when the flames

baseless (accusation etc) adj sans fondement (accusation etc)

blur (ink) nf bavure (encre)
blur nf masse confuse (masse indistincte)

seeking (quest) nf quête
seeking (searching) nf recherche

assignment n (short task) tâche nf mission nf

nurse nf nanny

benevolent adj bienveillant (personne)

Fortunately I understand enough Slovak to read this invoice.

As I was told by the tax office this week, the law does not allow us to pay
for labor without contract, unless the amount is below 250 per year in total.

Ivan was strongly involved in the flame war and whatever his position
accepting Michael's subscription, while there is some opposition could be interpreted as a try from Ivan to get some support and fill eboard with supporters.

"The machine was always able to do that. You just programmed it to do it!"
—EPO examiner during Amazon case, Dec 7 2007

Are you saying you want to ask SOMI to transfer the grant from SOMI to SOMA,
claiming that there are some internal difficulties that force you to do so?

His father forced him to take out the rubbish.
Son père l'a obligé à sortir la poubelle.

Where should I post a reply to this now when Ivan & Pieter are out?

Wladek explained yesterday why transparency on this can have quite the
opposite effect.

That said, I appreciate you are trying to help.

Let me know if you need anymore information

stroke n (medical: apoplexy) médecine attaque nf
vieilli attaque d'apoplexie nf
médecine : AVC accident vasculaire cérébral nm

turn down v écarter ⇒ (rejeter)
turn down v baisser ⇒ (volume (radio, chauffage))

retrieve vpr se souvenir de
retrieve (information) vi accéder ⇒ (informations)
retrieve (recover, save) vtr récupérer ⇒
retrieve (take back) vtr reprendre ⇒

squad nm peloton ou groupe

incentive adj (motivating) économie : entreprise de résultat adj
He met the required target and earned the incentive bonus.
Il a atteint l'objectif fixé et a touché la prime de résultat.
incentive n (motivation) motivation nf
This student lacks incentive.

stake n (finance: interest in) intérêt nm
We have a small stake in the business.
On a un petit intérêt dans l'entreprise.
stake n (finance: ownership) part nf

Deliverables En francais aussi ca s'appelle les délivrables.
Les délivrables d'un projet peut etre des documents, des prototypes ….

scrutiny n examen (approfondi)

freaky (bizarre) adj bizarre (étonnant)
freaky (strange) adj étrange

proponent n partisan (quelqu'un en faveur de)
proponent n avocat (quelqu'un en faveur de)

immediacy nf immédiateté

sucker nm cocu (dupe)
sucker (gullible person) nm nigaud

notwithstanding adv cependant
notwithstanding adv toutefois
notwithstanding nm néanmoins

counter claim n demande reconventionnelle

proficient (expert) adj expert
proficient (good) adj bon (en mathématiques)

over-rule v rejeter ⇒

conceal vtr cacher ⇒ (dissimuler)

unfortunate (not favored) adj malchanceux
unfortunate (regrettable) adj regrettable
unfortunate (suffers misfortunes) adj malchanceux

indisputable evidence nf preuve indiscutable
indisputable fact fait indiscutable

bylaw nf réglementation

entrust v confier ⇒ (dire - craintes, intentions)

duty n (job, function) responsabilité nf

outweigh v être plus important

aftermath nfpl retombées

clue n (hint, evidence) police : preuve indice nm
indication piste nf
indication trace nf

monitoring nf surveillance
monitoring nm suivi

Small and medium enterprises or SMEs

bullying (intimidation) nf intimidation

unsustainable adj non viable (peu pas continuer)

awe (fear and respect) nf crainte (personne)

mischievous action nf coquinerie (action coquine)

faith n (belief without proof) conviction nf

doom (pronounce sentence) vtr condamner ⇒ (maladie incurable, rendre infaisable)

exoneration nf justification (exonération)

plea nf supplication (adjuration imploration)

appointed (person) adj attitré (nommé)
appointed (agreed) adj convenu (dit, fixé)

discourse (speech) nm discours
discourse (discussion) nf discussion

award recompense, prix
grant subvention
fallout nf conséquence (retombée, répercussion)

We either have policy, or we have arguments.

Thus, everyone decided to move on.

Can you assert that eboard contains all active members who have the right to speak on substantial issues,

I note that it seems to be systematic that those who contribute the least make the loudest demands of others.

we must have *at least* 8 IRC Meetings each year.

an IRC Meeting *is not* a Board Meeting in the FFII statute sense ( see art 10.6 )

They certainly are able to do things intransparently and thereby really wreck the

The donkey can carry a heavy burden.

I cite your own email in which you state that you do not use accounting practices and indeed believe them to be the cause of problems last year.

He has invested his money in a variety of assets.
Il a investi son argent dans un grand nombre d'actifs.

I think we should leave - do you agree?

The government awarded the contract to the small company.

Anyhow, I will get back to this in a few days, so don't worry about it until then.

Came from a 100% trusted computer : no microsoft inside !

blue-sky adj irréaliste

stakeholder nf partie prenante
stakeholder nm intervenant

provisions dispositions ou normes

despised v méprisé

This project is a mess. It is going to take me days to fix it.

Whatever I say, she says the opposite.

I fear that they were in an accident.

I have no idea what is the form of the 'legal proof', and I am asking
your lights on this.

I've been active a lot in FFII over the last 2 years and I see a huge gap between the information which is available to others than to your own people

Just some personal feelings while I'm reading.

But if Koglin cannot speak for FFII, who can?

However that would probably mean that I'd have to move away from the
visible links to Free Software here, and I am far from ready to do that.

the feasible / le réalisable
public tenders / appels d'offre public

tell me whether you like it or nor 84PAAZ

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